Stephen Wetherall

Stephen Wetherall is a distinguished resource executive with significant global mining and capital markets experience in Africa, Australia, Europe and the UK. With a proven track record, he has successfully secured nearly US$1 billion in funding for resource projects, primarily in Africa.

In his recent role as the CEO of an ASX listed company, Stephen orchestrated the successful strategic transition of a single asset explorer into a multi-asset, multi-jurisdiction, and vertically integrated resource group.

Teaming up with Peter Fox, as founders of Frontier Group, Stephen aims to leverage their combined technical and financial proficiency in resource exploration, development, mining operations, industry integration, capital markets, and funding to drive progress in and promote Angola as an investment destination of choice. Recognising Angola as an underexplored jurisdiction with significant potential, Frontier Group, through both its projects and partnerships, is committed to exploring for critical minerals vital for the green energy transition, including lithium, rare earths, copper, nickel, and uranium.