Zacarias Samba

With a distinguished career at Catoca Mining, Mr. Zacarias has held pivotal roles, currently serving as the Head of the Professional Training Department. His journey within the company includes leadership positions such as Head of Organizational Analysis and overseeing the Catoca Academy. As an Advisor to the Catoca Human Resources Department, he has played a crucial role in shaping the workforce dynamics. [Name] is an academic luminary, boasting degrees in accounting, business administration, and resource management. His expertise extends to specialized areas, including management and planning, as well as education methodology in higher education. The breadth of his knowledge is further demonstrated by the completion of multiple MBA programs, covering Quality System Engineering, Compliance and Organization Integrity, and Executive Coaching. Zacaria’s has also achieved academic milestones, earning a Master’s in Human Resources Management, a Free Master in Theology, and ultimately culminating his educational journey with a Doctorate in Business Sciences. This rich educational background reflects his commitment to continuous learning and mastery across diverse domains.