Stelvio Vaz Sidre

Stelvio Vaz Sidre is a dynamic entrepreneur and the driving force behind SD Investimentos, where he has served as the Founder and Director for over five years. His leadership has steered a team of seasoned professionals in diverse fields, including Mining, Finance, Energy, Commodity Trading, Transportation, and Staff Management. Stelvio Vaz Sidre’s entrepreneurial journey is characterized by a blend of academic
excellence and practical achievements. His ability to navigate complex business landscapes, coupled with a keen focus on strategic planning and relationship building, positions him as a notable figure in the world of business and investment.
As he continues to lead SD Investimentos, Stelvio remains committed to innovation, growth, and creating lasting value in the industries he operates in. With a Master’s Degree in Economic Geology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration, Stelvio boasts a robust academic background that seamlessly aligns with his extensive practical experience. His expertise encompasses new business development, strategic planning, and adept customer relationship management.