Duncan Bonnett


Duncan Bonnett is a partner and director of Africa House. Duncan has 14 years of experience in conducting research, both in the academic and commercial environments. Duncan’s research spans a wide spectrum of fields, including political economy, strategic studies, integration theory and practice, international trade agreements and research into business opportunities across Africa and the Middle East.

Following a period of tutoring at the University of the Witwatersrand, with research focusing on Southern African integration, the integration of water and electricity supplies in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the political economy of sub-Saharan Africa, Duncan joined the South African Foreign Trade Organisation (Safto) in July 1997 as the researcher responsible for Africa.

Following the closure of Safto in March 1998, Duncan joined Whitehouse & Associates. Due to the changing nature of the international trade and business environment, Duncan is frequently asked to perform continent-wide analyses and rankings of African countries for specific industries for a variety of South African and international clients. In addition, South Africa’s importance as a conduit for trade into Sub-Saharan Africa has resulted in Duncan undertaking several studies of key market sectors in South Africa for international clients, with the focus on developing a manufacturing and export base in South Africa. Duncan has also traveled to numerous African countries to undertake in-market research assignments for clients.