Dr. Rudy Phillis

Dr Rudy Phillis possesses a remarkable array of qualifications and experience. Holding a PhD in Technology & Information Management, ECSA Professional Engineer registration, Institute of Directors’ Fellow & Certified Directorship, and two DMRE Government Certificates of Competencies, he brings over two decades of expertise in orchestrating intricate operations, projects, and teams spanning diverse sectors and RSA regions.

Rudy’s impressive repertoire includes international TOC Expert certifications and numerous LEAN certifications. His true passion lies in harnessing Industrial Engineering innovations to propel Industry 5.0 objectives. Notably, he has a history of achieving safety milestones and establishing production records in both conventional and trackless mechanized mining within RSA, all fueled by an unwavering commitment to continuous enhancement.

As an Entrepreneur, Rudy has ardently dedicated himself to nurturing the growth and advancement of graduates, particularly those facing unemployment, with a focused endeavor to enhance their skills and capabilities. This ethos seamlessly continues as an integral facet of his role at Barloworld Equipment.
Currently, Rudy’s unwavering dedication to the field of industrial engineering is exemplified by his pursuit of another PhD, further underscoring his commitment to advancing the discipline.