Doug Aitken

Doug is a Civil and Environmental Engineer with a Ph.D. from The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. His areas of specialisation include sustainable mining practices, bioenergy production pathways, life cycle analysis, integrated water resource management, socio-environmental risk and opportunity analysis, and strategy development and implementation. He has gained academic experience through his doctoral work in the design and analysis of sustainable bioenergy systems and post-doctoral research on the sustainability and economics of water management in the mining industry, resulting in various publications in high-ranking journals. His professional experience has been in the development and management of interdisciplinary and collaborative industrial research and development projects that deliver solutions encompassing the principles of long-term sustainability. He is currently the Executive Director of the University of Queensland Sustainable Minerals Institute’s International Centre of Excellence, SMI-ICE-Chile, leading the organizational units of the Centre and supporting the development and execution of research projects focused on improving industry practices and creating a sustainable global mineral supply chain.