Bongiwe Mabusela

Bongiwe Mabusela is working for department of Mineral Resources and Energy in the Republic of South Africa as a Director: Empowerment Transactions Assessment. She has more than 10 years’ experience as a Senior Manager in government.

Her journey includes taking initiatives to ensure inclusivity and diversity in the mining sector. These initiatives have resulted in mining companies availing core opportunities for resilient start-ups, new entrants and Small and Medium Enterprises. She is a believer that SMME’s are an engine of any economy. She refuses to be wedded in shackles but to look for blue ocean strategies. She is driven and passionate about SMME’s and communities. She is a change-maker as a result she is deliberate about transformation programs.

She is an annual speaker at the Mining Indaba conference held in South Africa addressing issues of inclusivity. When it comes to leadership Bongiwe believes in AUTHENTIC leadership and that transparency, purpose and integrity is what is at the heart of being a public servant. She says, what makes anyone a leader is transformation of his or her thinking patterns. She considers an open-door approach not to be sufficient but prefers an open mind approach. Her conviction is that true leadership is not a method but an attitude.


She holds a BA degree from Walter Sisulu University.

EDP from Wits University.

Certificate in Innovation, Transition and Sustainability in Internet Times from Fudan University in China.

MBA degree from University of Cape Town.

Having studied for an MBA, has made her to reflect on the big existential question of “what is her purpose”.