The third ECOWAS Mining and Petroleum Forum (ECOMOF 2022) took place from 16-18 February 2022 in Niamey, Republic of Niger.  The event was organized by the Government of the Republic of Niger, the ECOWAS Commission and AME Trade Ltd. ECOMOF featured key delegation of government officials from Algeria, Benin, Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

The conference was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Niger and featured keynote presentations from the Ministers of Petroleum and Mining from Algeria, Nigeria, and Niger.  ECOMOF 2022 featured a diverse audience with sponsors including key stakeholders such as: SONIDEP, SOPAMIN, WAPCO, CNPC, Goviex, Global Uranium, Orano, COMINAK, Savannah Energy, SORAZ, Mazars and Sonatrach. The event was attended by over 600 delegates, 60 exhibitors and 115 speakers emanating from over 25 countries.

A major outcome of ECOMOF2022 is the signature of an accord between the energy ministers of Niger, Nigeria, and Algeria on February 16, 2022.  The agreement will drive the development of a 4,128 kilometers Trans-Sub-Saharan Gas Pipeline that will connect the three African countries who are members of the African Petroleum Producers Organization (APPO), thus enhancing regional integration and reinforcing national cooperation among the member countries.  The Gas Pipeline is a multibillion infrastructure project that will open up opportunities for the commercialization of about 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually between the African producing countries and European countries.

To ensure that the African producing countries continue to play major roles in the global oil and gas industry, the African Petroleum Producers Organization (APPO) initiated the African Petroleum Congress and Exhibition (CAPE). The 8th edition of the conference (CAPEVIII) will take place at the prestigious Epic Sana Hotel, Luanda, Angola, from 16-19 May 2022. The event is organized by APPO, the Ministry of Mineral and Petroleum Resources of Angola and AME Trade Ltd. The organisers are sure that many new regional oil and gas projects will be announced at this event.

CAPE is a gathering of national, regional, and international energy, oil and gas industry experts to deliberate on the challenges and opportunities of energy transition and the future of oil and gas industry in Africa. CAPEVIII is designed primarily to promote and support investment in the oil and gas sector in Africa, as well as reflection on the orientations given by senior political leaders in charge of this sector.  The purpose of this triennial APPO congress is to offer a platform of opportunities to develop relations and ties between decision-makers and professionals from the sector to share expertise and discuss strategies, opportunities for developing oil and gas activities, investments, and partnerships.  It is a must-attend conference and the only full stream policy, business, and networking platform for member countries of APPO.

The theme of CAPEVIII is Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities in the African Energy, Oil and Gas Industry. This theme is very pertinent at this crucial period in the development of the industry in Africa and globally.  Understanding the challenges of the energy, oil and gas sector is very important to the member countries of APPO, given the huge investment made by the international and local private economic operators in the industry. Moreover, the conference will be a perfect avenue for public, private sector institutions and organisations, operating in the industry, to exhibit their oil and gas projects and programmes with a view to networking, identifying, and negotiating new partnerships and investment for future development.

Keynote speakers at the conference will include Her Excellency,  Dr Amani Abou-Zeid, Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, African Union Commission, HE Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, Secretary General, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Mr. Mohamed HAMEL, Secretary General of Gas Exporting Countries Forum, HE Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, Minister of Mineral and Petroleum Resources of Angola and President of the African Petroleum Producers’ Organization (APPO), the Secretary General of APPO and other high-level officials and delegates from member and non-member countries of APPO as well as resource persons from reputable regional and international institutions within and outside the energy, oil and gas industry. The in-country media will be invited as well as the Embassies, national companies, and private sector stakeholders