Salvador Mondlane Junior


Dr Salvador Mondlane Júnior is a Mozambican professor of Economic Geology and Economic Evaluation of ore deposits at the Eduardo Mondlane University. He is the director of Master Course in Mineral Resources Management at UEM since 2012. He is Director of GMSC, Ltd (one stop boutique consulting company in Geosciences, energy and environment). During his 25 years of research he has focussed on: Mineral resources evaluation; ASM in Africa and in Mozambique, its social and environmental impacts, and their maximisation or mitigation, and, the geological mapping and characterization of Mozambique’s mineral resources. Recently he was lead consultant for the development of the training material and supporting the delivery of Training workshop on environment, health and safety in LVMM artisanal and small-scale mining in Addis Ababa (for East Africa Region) and Accra (for West Africa Region). He has successfully completed a consultancy services with AMDC where he was involved in the implementation of the ASM Pillar on the African Mining Vision at the AMDC/ UN ECA with focus on profiles of ASM in Africa and review of the mining codes in order to understand how they support the development of sustainable ASM in Africa. Further, numerous assignments as a consultant for international organizations and private companies have cemented Salvador’s expertise in Mineral Resources Management and course delivery at University. Furthermore, as consultant he has conducted successfully assignments on Strategic Environmental and Social Assessments, sustainable ASM management and promotion, mineral and hydrocarbons’ good governance, and institutional capacity building; having participated in the drafting of the New Environment, Health and Safety Regulations for mining and geological activities in Mozambique (2005). More recently Salvador was involved in the Rapid Baseline Study of ASM Sector in Mozambique (2012); he also was involved in the Functional Management Review of the Ministry of Mineral Resources of Mozambique, the INP and ENH (2013); finally he was involved as Deputy Team Leader on the Functional Management Review of the Geological and Mining Institute (2014). Salvador and his team developed the Training Needs Assessment at the Ministry of Mineral Resources (2013). He also led the team that produced the 10 report of the Ministry of Mineral Resources in Mozambique (2014). Salvador holds a Licenciatura in Geology from the Eduardo Mondlane University, an MSc. In Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology from Leicester University, and a PhD in Economic Geology from the University of Zimbabwe and Utrecht University; he speaks fluent English and Portuguese and can work in French and Mozambique’s southern dialects.