1. AGMM has long been associated with MMEC, and as the voice of geological professionals, in the country, can you share with us the latest development to increase membership?

The main strategy adopted to increase our membership aiming to be more representative of the geological and mining professionals is the active participation in the relevant issues of the country’s extractive industry development, through organizing debates on key topics, participation in policy reviews and technical appraisals. These are obviously complemented by the on-going communication program and by promoting the organization regional centres in the Capital cities of Nampula, Beira and Tete.

  1. During MMEC 2022 what will AGMM be showcasing and speaking on?

Essentially, AGMM will speak on some of the new developments of the extractive industry in the country and on the existing huge mineral resources potential and the need for an integrated development strategy engaging all stakeholders for facilitating businesses, sharing risks and benefits and promoting economic and social development of the country,

Name Reinaldo Gonçalves

Position Chairman AGMM